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How to Make Easy Video Tutorials - Jake Poses from Jumprope

February 17, 2020

Do you love a good tutorial video? Us, too. And all of us really wanted to get more into doing how-to craft videos for you guys to enjoy in tandem with our podcast-- it's a Craft Hangout goal for 2020. We discovered the app, Jumprope, which makes it really easy to do a great how-to video by taking away a lot of the complexities and pain points of video creation. Today's guest is Jake Poses, the CEO and founder of Jumprope, and if diving (or dipping your toe) into video tutorial content is a goal of yours, you'll be stoked to hear about the awesome process and tips from Jake. Plus, we have a bit of a surprise update on Jessie's video tutorial goals (spoiler: it's all good stuff!).

You can check out Jake online:

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