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How to Create an Epic Career in Comic Books - Peter Bagge

April 22, 2019

We got the legendary comic book artist, Peter Bagge, to hang out on our show!! If you listened to the episode with Kevin Sussman and Ron Hill, then you heard the story about how Peter Bagge came to the shop for his "HateBall Tour" in 1993 for a signing, and Eliza missed it because she had to go to her cousin's Bar Mitzvah... and she still seemed upset about missing it! Well, time has a funny way of working things out because after 2 decades, her favorite comic book artist agreed to guest on the show, and she and the Craft Hangout gang were able to ask him tons of questions! Peter generously shared his creative journey, the insider scoop about comic book art & storytelling, hand lettering inspiration, strategy on pivoting through changing times & technology, more about his famous comic book Hate, and details about his newly released book, Credo: The Rose Wilder Lane Story.

Check out Peter Bagge online:

Buy his new book here:

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Also, here is a link to that needle craft book by Rose Wilder Lane that Peter talked about:


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