Craft Hangout

Erin Investigates Shibori vs Tie Dye

March 6, 2019

BONUS EPISODE! Welcome to a brand new segment on Craft Hangout called Erin Investigates where investigative journalist, Erin Cassin, will be digging deep to find the answers to all of our burning craft questions. In this episode, she researches and finds out the answer to Leeloo's big question:

What's the difference between SHIBORI and TIE DYE?!?

The answer may surprise you, and we think you'll have fun listening to her convo with Isa Rodgrigues, Co-Executive Director at the Textile Arts Center, as well as the gang's reaction along the way.

In other news, we hear an update on Craft Hangout fan favorite, Chris RWK and The Blackbook Diaries movie he was just featured in by Silvertuna Studios.

Here are some fun links to check out:

Textile Arts Center:

Silvertuna Studios:

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