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Erin Investigates Bounce Lettering - Part 2

October 28, 2019

Did you already listen to Part 1 of this very special 2-part series of Erin Investigates Bounce Lettering? If not-- go and listen to it before playing this one. Last episode, Erin talked to four experts about the mystery of bounce lettering, and today she chats with another three. Hear from Letterform Archive's own Grendl Löfkvist, Jill Bell, and Teela Cunningham to hear their insight on the matter in Part 2 of Erin Investigates Bounce Lettering. Now please note that even though this is the conclusion of this 2-part series, we are still considering this an open investigation. Erin was able to get some answers to our questions, but there are still so many more that remain unresolved. If you or anyone you know has clues about the mystery of bounce lettering, please contact the gang at Craft Hangout!

Check out the experts from today's episode online:

Letterform Archive (Grendl Löfkvist):

Jill Bell:

Teela Cunningham:

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