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Erin Investigates Bounce Lettering - Part 1

October 21, 2019

Back in January, when the gang went on a field trip to Rosie's Vintage, we asked our investigative reporter, Erin Cassin, if she could find out about the origins of bounce lettering. It's so popular right now, but where did it come from? Is there anyone who can be credited with being the first one to do it? And why is it having such a serious moment right now? Well, our girl Erin dove in deep and interviewed SEVEN experts to find out! In this episode, we hear from 4 of them, and you won't want to miss any of the juicy lettering deets. Hear from Paul Shaw, Zavier Leslie Cabarga, Mike Meyer, and Sarah Schwartz. Sometimes answers to questions will can lead to more questions. It's an open investigation, so tune into next week for part two! 

Check out today's experts online!

Paul Shaw:

Zavier Leslie Cabarga:

Mike Meyer:

Sarah Schwartz:

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