Craft Hangout

Hanging with Cassie Stephens

September 17, 2018

The gang was SO excited to hang with America's favorite CRAZY art teacher, Cassie Stephens! She is so cool and walks to the beat of her own drum. Her authenticity and uniqueness not only gives her elementary school students a phenomenal education and passion for art, but she inspires other educators around her. She even was honored as a "Cool Teacher" by Scholastic. Whether she's handmaking her outfits inspired by great artists to use as an ice-breaker for her classroom or writing a book about clay projects for kids, Cassie is constantly creating new ways to get herself and others around her inspired. We LOVE her-- and you will, too! Here are some of her links:


IG: cassie_stephenz

Cassie's podcast, Everyday Art Room:

Cassie's book:


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