Craft Hangout

The Infirmary Edition

July 2, 2018

Your favorite crafty girl gang is back but a little bruised in this episode of Craft Hangout, The Infirmary Edition. Eliza broke her foot, Katie is recovering from surgery, and Sam feels a cold coming on. CH Challenge 7 is recapped, and Eliza is giving all of the crafterinos a break from challenge reveals so everyone can catch up.

Sam gives the skinny on her Pinterest perfect party, and Katie shares some of the embarrassing entries from her high school journal.

There is a very special and FUN surprise inside this episode. It's our first commercial, but you won't wanna fastforward-- you'll thank us later. ;)

It is revealed in this episode that A.C. Moore (aka team Craft Hangout's FAVORITE CRAFT STORE) just sent them a ginormous box filled with an insane assortment supplies to try out and share with the CH Crafterino tribe-- more to come on that! In the meantime, check out A.C. Moore's Kid's Crafternoon event going on every Wednesday in the summer. Check it out here:

Don't forget: The Craft Hangout #1 Live event is on 7/15/18, so if you wanna come and hang out in real life and make a pizza-inspired craft, get your tickets here!

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