Craft Hangout

Hanging with Amy Tangerine

June 25, 2018

Team Craft Hangout got to hang with the one and only Amy Tangerine, and in the words of Wayne and Garth: WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! She is AMAZING and has so much insight and advice, we are forever changed by our hang with this unbelievable talent. She shared her journey, tips, and even got super real and honest with us. She gave us the skinny on her new smash hit book, Craft a Life You Love: Infusing Creativity Fun & Intention into Your Everyday. We fell in love with Amy Tangerine, and you totally will, too!

You can check out Amy online here:


Don't forget: The Craft Hangout #1 Live event is on 7/15/18, so if you wanna come and hang out in real life and make a pizza-inspired craft, get your tickets here!

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