Craft Hangout

Hanging with Peggy Dean

May 28, 2018

Team Craft Hangout was DYING that they got to hang with THE Peggy Dean! She is a rock star in the craft world. Don't worry, if you've been living under a rock, we'll fill you in. ;)

Peggy is an artist, calligrapher, author, teacher, professional doodler, and owner of her own cruelty-free product line. She was kind enough to share her journey and insight as well as educate us on the dirty truth about brushes. Do you know what art brushes are made of? This is an eye-opener. She is so cool and full of energy with all kinds of great takeaways-- AND even a lil goodie she gives away at the end of the episode! This is definitely one episode you're NOT gonna wanna miss!

Check out Peggy's website, IG, and Etsy Shop!

Aaaand, here is the lil goodie Peggy's giving to you guys!

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