Craft Hangout

Hanging with Kevin Sussman and Ron Hill

February 6, 2019

Bonus episode-- SURPRISE!! You're getting an extra episode this week, and it's a real treat! This time, we chat about the art form that is part art and part book-- comics! And we are talking with a real life comic book store owner, Ron Hill of JHU Comic Books AND the guy who plays a comic book store owner on TV-- Kevin Sussman, AKA Stuart from The Big Bang Theory! These guys actually know each other because they used to work at the same comic book store in the 90s with... wait for it... Eliza, too! So, it's also a bit of a reunion and a fun hang. But don't worry, we do get our Craft Hangout questions (of course, Jessie had to ask about comic book lettering) in there, and also listen to the end because we have some great takeaways from this hang that you can apply to your art or craft.

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