Craft Hangout

Hanging with Kristin Tweedale & Amanda Zampelli from Crafty Ass Female

December 10, 2018

If you're listening to this, chances are you're already down for a podcast about crafts, so you'll be really excited for this episode. Today, the Craft Hangout gang got to hang with the creators and hosts of the fabulous Crafty Ass Female podcast, Kristin Tweedale & Amanda Zampelli! These ladies are fantastic and generously share their stories-- both from an individual perspective as well as from a duo POV. How did these ladies meet? How have they grown their following and downloads? What craft supplies would they bring if stranded on a desert island? You'll definitely want to listen to this one! Oh, and we were so psyched for this hang, our own Katie Kapitan took a break from prepping for grad school finals to pop by and co-host with Eliza and Leelou. 

Want more info on Crafty Ass Female and its hosts? Check out these links:

IG: @craftyassfemale

IG: @amandarosezamp

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